Three Must Eat Breakfast Foods

Three Must Eat Breakfast Foods

Do you love your breakfast? Do you have a short list of “go – to” recipes? Do you need a bit of inspiration to start eating breakfast again?

Getting some protein at each meal can help with blood sugar management, metabolism and weight loss. This is because protein helps you feel fuller longer and uses up a bunch of calories to absorb and metabolize it. So I’m going to show you how to get the protein, as well as some veggies and healthy fats for your soon-to-be favourite new “go-to” breakfasts.

Breakfast Food #1: High Fibre Cereals

Fibre the indigestible part of any plant that does not get broken down in your stomach but actually makes it to your large intestine! That s when the magic happens.

Once there, the bacteria in your large intestine eat up all the fibre and create a waste by-product called “butyrate”. Butyrate can seek out cells that could turn cancerous and basically blows them up.

Fibre has been shown to help you feel full, keep you feeling fuller longer, and help to stabilize blood sugar and insulin. Fibre also helps you become a “Super Pooper” and we all know that is the best feeling.

Keep in mind though if you are on a high fibre diet then ensure you are drinking lots of water or all that fibre will be like cement in your body.

I like to eat 2 high fibre cereals in the morning with added Chia Seeds and unsweetened almond milk.. The Chia Seeds are also packed with fibre, protein and those essential Omegas.

Always keep in mind that everything you eat has protein: no one in this country has ever died of a protein deficit. Carbs is your body ’s first source of fuel, just remember to choose smart carbs.

Breakfast Food #2: Nuts and/or Seeds

Nuts and seeds contain protein, healthy fats, vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Nuts and/or seeds would make a great contribution to breakfast.

You won’t be fooled by candied ”nuts, sweetened nut/seed butters, or chia“ cereals” with added sugars -you know I’m talking about the real, whole, unsweetened food here.

Nuts and seeds are also the ultimate fast food if you’re running late in the mornings. Grab a small handful of almonds, walnuts, or pumpkin seeds as you’re running out the door; you can nosh on them while you’re commuting.

Not to mention how easy it is to add a spoonful of nut/seed butter into your morning breakfast smoothie.

Hint: If you like a creamy latte in the mornings try making one with nut or seed butter. Just add your regular hot tea and a tablespoon or two of a creamy nut or seed butter into your blender & blend until frothy.

Breakfast Food #3: Veggies

Yes, you already know you really should get protein at every meal including breakfast; but this also applies to veggies. You know I would be remiss to not recommend veggies at every meal, right?

Veggies are powerhouses of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytochemicals, fiber, and water. You can’t go wrong adding them into every single meal of the day so if you don’t already you should definitely try them for breakfast!

And no, you don’t need to have a salad or roasted veggies for breakfast if you don’t want to but you totally can! You wouldn’t be breaking any “official” breakfast rules or anything like that.

Adding some protein to leftover veggies is a great combination for any meal. Including breakfast.

My favourite breakfast

Natures Path Heritage Flakes

Natures Path Smart Bran

½ cup of each

3 tablespoons of Chia Seeds

Almond Milk

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