Hi, my name is Tania.  I am a Zumba Instructor, Fitness Instructor and a Personal Trainer.  I have also been a Nutrition Coach for the past 7 years and have helped many client achieve and sustain their weight loss goals.  In 2007, I even had to apply the work that I do to myself: I wanted to lose 50lbs so I sourced out a program that fit with my beliefs and philosophies on nutrition and weight loss.

I came across the 10 Weeks to WOW! program.  I started out as a client but took it a step further and did the 10 Weeks to WOW! Certification so that I, too, could help other like-minded people lose weight and feel great.

I was successful in losing those 50lbs and I have since been able to improve the nutrition and health of my own clients with this whole foods eating program.  No Pills – No Potions – No Magic – Just real food bought at any grocery store.


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