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Chronic Stress – Am I At Risk?

STRESS. You can’t avoid it these days – it literally surrounds us in everyday life and virtually no one is immune to it. However, a little bit of stress is actually a good thing! It keeps us – and our neurological systems on its toes, for lack of a better term.    But, while short-lived stress is generally harmless, and sometimes even helpful (hello there, motivating adrenaline rush!), it’s when it persists and becomes chronic that it can really start to create havoc in our lives – and in our health.   Chronic stress can cause a range of concerning symptoms and not…

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ACNE… At My Age?!

You know how it goes… you’re getting ready for a big event, primping like a champ – and then you notice it: a brand new pimple just trying to make its way to the surface of your skin, all shiny, red and inflamed.    But, I’m in my thirties (ok, ok, forties!) you gasp – why am I still getting zits?! Adult acne is certainly frustrating and often embarrassing to deal with, but you’re definitely NOT alone my clear-skin-seeking friend!   Let’s squeeze out the truth about this all-too-common skin issue and get to the bottom of why you’re still seeing those pesky pimples…

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Adaptogens: What are they (and are they safe to supplement with)?

You may hear the word ‘STRESS’ and immediately think of the mental and emotional aspects along the lines of feeling overwhelmed, overly busy, and/or anxious.    In reality, the body actually encounters different forms of stress every day and is always working to restore equilibrium.   Your body is literally constantly being bombarded by stress – even when you don’t feel stressed!    Here are some examples of common, daily stressors:    EXERCISE – yep, it’s good for you, but it’s a form of stress the body has to deal with!  LACK OF SLEEP  VIRUSES/COLDS  TOXINS – like exposure to environmental pollutants, heavy metals, and chemicals…

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