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60+ Sneaky Names For Sugar – And Why You Crave Every One Of Them!

Sugar, ah honey, honey, I’m gonna make your life so sweet…    You might call your beloved “sweet thing” or maybe you’ve got a song on replay in your head about the sweet stuff, but let’s put the cute nicknames and catchy old tunes aside…   Because the granulated truth is that sugar is added to many processed foods, and manufacturers often use several different types, by several different names, so they can hide the real amount.   If you think about it, it’s no wonder we crave sugar so often (and intensely) as it’s literally everywhere – and avoiding it is no easy task either.  …

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Sulfites: What Are They And Do They Harm Us?

Sulfites refer to a group of chemical ingredients that are added to processed foods and drinks, mainly to serve as a preservative.  Sulfite-containing ingredients can go by several names, including:  ·      Sulphur dioxide  ·      Sodium sulphite  ·      Sodium metabisulfite  ·      Calcium sulphite  ·      Potassium hydrogen sulphite  Sulfites are used to prevent browning/preserve color of foods, bleach flours, increase shelf life of processed foods, and maintain freshness.   Where are sulfites found?   Sulfites are commonly found in the following food and drink products:  ·      Dried fruit  ·      Shrimp & processed seafood  ·      Soup mixes  ·      Jams & jellies (sulfites present in pectin)  ·      Baked goods & refrigerated/frozen ready-to-bake dough products (sulfites used as dough conditioner) …

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Red Wine – Is it really good for you, or just health hype?

If you’ve heard that red wine is one of the healthiest of all alcoholic beverages, it’s for good reason.  Thanks to the antioxidants found in the skins of grapes from which it’s made, red wine has been widely publicized as being “healthful”. The kind of antioxidants found in red wine, like RESVERATROL, have powerful anti-inflammatory properties.    Inflammation and oxidation are considered the root causes of most disease, so consuming antioxidant-rich foods is a key component in disease prevention.    Moderate consumption of red wine has been linked to improved heart health, along with other health benefits, like decreasing the risk of:    Alzheimer’s…

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