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Walking For Fitness – Is It Really Enough?

Walking often gets a bad rap when it comes to fitness. A lot of fitness pros may even scoff at the idea of a walk being a “true” workout. You may even find yourself feeling like a bit of a slacker on the days you choose to walk rather than run or do a higher intensity workout.   But, many experts do agree that not only does walking yield a ton of health benefits, it also improves your overall fitness too.   So, before you go ditching those comfy walking shoes, let’s learn how the experts are weighing in on the link…

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Now that it is finally starting to get nice outside try to take your workout outdoors. This is a great way to change up your routine, get started and even involve the whole family. All you need is 20 minutes and any park close to your house. What to do? – Complete the exercises one after another without rest in between exercises. Once you have completed all exercises take a 2 minute rest and then complete the exercises again. 1. Split squat– place one foot behind you on a park bench and have your other foot 2-3 feet in front. Without rounding your back bend at…

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