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Top 3 Reasons Why Your Intense Workout Could Be Causing Weight Gain

With the rise of Crossfit workouts, box-style and circuit training gyms – HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) has been rising exponentially in popularity. And rightly so.   HIIT workouts involve working at a high level of intensity for a short period of time, followed by a period of rest. Lather, rinse, repeat.   These interval-style workouts can not only boost your metabolism, lower your blood pressure, and improve your brain function, but they also do it in half the time of a typical full-body gym workout.    But with all the hype around HIIT, we wondered if these type of workouts were truly effective as a weight-loss…

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Is The 80/20 Rule For Nutrition & Exercise A Myth?

You may have heard that abs are made in the kitchen…  Or you may have eaten an extra piece of dessert because you exercised that day, so you feel like you “earned” it dammit!  In order to see results at the gym, lose weight or even maintain overall health, we’re told that it’s an 80/20 balance. Meaning 80% of your results comes from the food you eat and only 20% of your results come from your workouts.  But is this actually true? …that food is THAT much more important than exercise when it comes to our health and our results…

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The 10 Weeks To Wow! Nutritional Weight Loss Program has helped to teach me how to eat properly. Living on your own and having to cook for one makes it an easy excuse to skip meals and not snack properly. Terri has become my friend not only my nutritionist and I always feel that anything is possible after a visit with her. I have more energy and my clothes fit differently – this works! Carol McMackin

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I started my journey February 18th 2010. It’s been a rocky experience, a lot of ups and downs but I’ve learned things that will help me keep the 65 pounds I’ve lost to date off for good. There are 3 main things I’ve learned: First not to worry about what other people are doing with their time. Secondly you will slip up, don’t be hard on yourself I’ve had binges, I’ve had months with minimal or no weight loss but every day is a new day, just jump back into it and be patient. Thirdly one of the things that…

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