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Low Fodmaps Diet 101

Yet another diet?! Well, this one is meant to be used in a therapeutic manner to decrease the symptoms of digestive issues, rather than how you might think of a typical “diet” where weight loss or body composition changes are the desired outcome.  Let’s take a closer look at why someone might consider following a Low FODMAP Diet, the potential benefits that have been studied, and what foods are allowed.  What are FODMAPs?  There are some common short-chain carbohydrate-containing foods that cause the bowel (intestines) to expand due to the fact these particular foods attract fluid and produce gas when…

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Why All Disease Begins In The Gut

While Hippocrates coined the phrase, “all disease begins in the gut” thousands of years ago, current research is finding there’s much truth in this ancient piece of wisdom!  If you think your intestinal tract is only responsible for digestion and waste elimination, think again… your gut also plays a big role in immune system function, the synthesis of essential nutrients, and balancing neurotransmitters important for brain and mood health.   It’s even been referred to as our second brain by experts in the health professional community.  It’s all about the health of our gut   Your intestines are home to billions of bacteria, collectively known…

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