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Fitness Fuel: What to Eat Before, During & After Your Workout

You’ve just finished your workout and you know you need to eat something. But what?  Workout nutrition may seem rather complicated but it doesn’t have to be.     Here’s the latest on how to fuel your body before, during and after your workout so you can improve your performance, maximize recovery – and feel better!   Fuel your machine  You’d never head out on a long road trip without filling your tank with gas, right?!   Skipping your pre-workout fuel is the equivalent to hitting the road with an empty gas tank. You may get off to a good start, but you’ll likely be…

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My name is Shari Coulter, I am the Personal Trainer at the Womens Fitness Club of Canada. I too have struggled with my weight until Terri Patterson, Nutritionist decided to fix my diet once and for all. I started the 10 Weeks To Wow! Weight Loss Program and took my weight from 184 pounds to 160 pounds. My Body Fat % went from 34% to 23% but I maintain it at 25%. I learned to feed my body all day long with low calorie nutrient dense food. This program changed my life and it will change yours too!

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I joined the Womens Fitness Club in Pickering in mid January 2011. I am not sure what my goal was at that time but I knew I wanted to feel better and to do that I needed to lose weight. After starting my exercise regime, it was suggested that I set up a meeting with Terri Patterson, the club nutritionist. I was skeptical as I tried all kinds of diets and nothing seemed to work. I had reached the conclusion that at my age, I was not going to lose any weight. I can’t believe what I have achieved with…

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