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HIIT: what is it – and is it really the best fat burning workout?

If you follow the fitness industry, you’ve probably heard of the benefits of HIIT (or High Intensity Interval Training). The short, yet powerful workouts are touted as the best way to improve your overall conditioning, burn fat, and even balance hormones! (but that’s another article!) So, what is HIIT anyway? HIIT workouts involve working at an intense effort level for a short period of time followed by short recovery periods. Tabata workouts are one great example of a HIIT style workout. A Tabata session involves 20 seconds of intense all-out effort, followed by 10 seconds of recovery. This is repeated…

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This is another 10 Weeks To Wow! Success story however, she would like to keep her identity private but still gave me permission to show off her fabulous results. For over 1 year I watched this woman use the Elliptical trainer outside my office and never saw her weight change. Finally, she was fed up and knocked on my door and said “does this program really work?” I told her absolutely and our journey began. My client lost 30+ pounds and has kept it off….these were the words of our last correspondence: “Many thanks for a new way of eating…

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