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Help! My Negative Mindset Is Sabotaging My Health!

Help! My Negative Mindset Is Sabotaging My Health! When we don’t see the results we want, like hitting a weight loss goal, it’s all too easy to blame the outcome on external factors… I didn’t have time to exercise. It was too tedious to meal plan and eat healthy. I couldn’t afford to keep working with a Nutritionist. I was consumed by job stress and didn’t have the bandwidth to focus on anything else. My family didn’t support me and follow my plan with me, so I couldn’t stick to it. I’m too far away from my goal, so why…

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Exercising with Chronic Pain

 In the past, medical professionals recommended rest and inactivity as part of the treatment for chronic pain. But, newer research suggests that MORE movement may be just what the doctor ordered. Today we’re sharing the do’s (and don’ts!) of exercising with chronic pain AND a delicious anti-inflammatory recipe you can make for dinner tonight!  Getting to the gym for a workout can sometimes be a battle in itself. Let’s face it… a daily workout can be a challenge, for so many reasons, but sometimes it can even be a little painful – or a lot painful!   So, what do you do…

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How to Beat Negative Self-Talk and Limiting Beliefs

A little self-criticism is a normal shared human mental pattern, and can even be healthy for the most part. But, we can also just as easily open the door to that overly vocal “negative nelly” voice in our head.    However, if your negative voice is preventing you from doing what you want or need to do in your life, then it has to get booted back out the door. This kind of mental chatter has no right to set up shop in your mind.   Deeply held negative beliefs, especially when they’re firmly rooted in your unconscious, stress you out, damage relationships and…

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Haven’t Changed Anything in Your Diet But Gaining Weight?

You are positive that you’re not eating more food or “junkier” food but you’re still gaining weight.   Is this possible?   Yes!  You are NOT crazy!   And here’s why.   We both know that the whole “calories in, calories out” argument is an overly simplistic view of weight.   There’s definitely more to the story than just what you’re eating, right?   A lot of this comes right down to your metabolic rate which is affected by things like your activity level, history of dieting, body composition, and even what you eat.   But, let’s go beyond the “eat less and exercise more” advice and dive…

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Terri and her “10 weeks to WOW program” literally saved my life. Due to high blood pressure and diabetes during both my pregnancies, which required medication and insulin injections, I am now at a high risk of getting both in near future. Terri’s knowledge, passion, continuous support and now great friendship helped me to turn my life around. Now I know how to eat and exercise properly so I can ensure all of my family does the same. My boys will not suffer from child obesity, I will make sure of that. Thanks to your program Terri, you had an…

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