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Walking For Fitness – Is It Really Enough?

Walking often gets a bad rap when it comes to fitness. A lot of fitness pros may even scoff at the idea of a walk being a “true” workout. You may even find yourself feeling like a bit of a slacker on the days you choose to walk rather than run or do a higher intensity workout.   But, many experts do agree that not only does walking yield a ton of health benefits, it also improves your overall fitness too.   So, before you go ditching those comfy walking shoes, let’s learn how the experts are weighing in on the link…

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Eating for Bone Health

Did you know that by the time you reach 30 years of age, you will have already achieved your peak bone mass?   This is why it is important to start building up a sufficient amount of bone mass in your body when you’re younger. Otherwise you might have a higher risk of developing fragile bones that can break easily when you’re older.  When discussing bone health, there are some important terms you should be familiar with:  Osteoporosis: causes bones to become weak and brittle bones   Osteopenia: bone loss that has not reached the stage of osteoporosis  Both of these conditions are…

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