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Sulfites: What Are They And Do They Harm Us?

Sulfites refer to a group of chemical ingredients that are added to processed foods and drinks, mainly to serve as a preservative.  Sulfite-containing ingredients can go by several names, including:  ·      Sulphur dioxide  ·      Sodium sulphite  ·      Sodium metabisulfite  ·      Calcium sulphite  ·      Potassium hydrogen sulphite  Sulfites are used to prevent browning/preserve color of foods, bleach flours, increase shelf life of processed foods, and maintain freshness.   Where are sulfites found?   Sulfites are commonly found in the following food and drink products:  ·      Dried fruit  ·      Shrimp & processed seafood  ·      Soup mixes  ·      Jams & jellies (sulfites present in pectin)  ·      Baked goods & refrigerated/frozen ready-to-bake dough products (sulfites used as dough conditioner) …

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