Sometimes I just want to give up…

Sometimes I just want to give up…

It’s not easy being the “food fun sucker” I take a lot of heat when sharing  my knowledge of nutrition and the fact that I try to convey the many dangers to your body of eating crappy food.  I think the thing that is most frustrating is when a consultation is sitting across from me with their 5 day food tracker telling me “I already know sooooo much about nutrition” “you just caught me on an off week” yet, they also have a body fat % that is off the chart.  I want to say “how is that working for you?”  I only want to share what I know to help you feel and look better and hopefully live a longer life.  You have no idea how much better you can feel by fueling your body with a nutrient rich diet all day long.  Did you know that if you measure your belly at your belly button that number should be half your height for example I’m 5’6 so 66 inches and my belly button measurement should be 33, guess what mine is 29 so the good news I have very little deep visceral fat, the fat that wraps around your internal organs and poisons you…to death!  Think of our latest causality James Gandolfini, why was everyone so shocked when he died, it was sad for sure no one should have their life cut short but the man so obese, I was not surprised.  Your kidneys regulate your blood pressure so think how hard they had to work with all that deep visceral fat sitting on top of them?  Hence High Blood Pressure – the silent killer!

Sometimes I feel like throwing in the towel: I’m competing with all that bad food, fake food, fast food, stress and as we know more than 60% of the population are overweight and 30% are obese so I’d say the bad food is winning L    I had this discussion with one of my clients who by the way is killing my 10 Weeks To Wow! program.   She said an interesting thing to me last week at our weekly session….she works with abused women (which must be heartbreaking but thank god for women like this).  As we have become friends on her journey I am able to share things with her as well.  I voiced my frustration with trying to change people’s lives and they just don’t want it bad enough.   I want people to succeed!!!  She said to me “what if I gave up on women? She was right, “I can’t quit”…. I thought of nothing else that day and came to the conclusion that I will continue to go “head to head” with this fast food nation and continue to blast fat off this planet! (Thanks Angelique)

I usually don’t watch commercials (thanks to the PVR – best invention) but of course that’s where all the crappy food companies advertise so I am going to dissect their new offerings each week so I can be sure I am brining you the real facts on their fake food not the unrealistic picture that they paint of this happy family enjoying their meal and feeling amazing.  They are not feeling amazing, and no one is having a good poop!  This will be a struggle for me as I NEVER eat this food so having to go into a McDonalds to purchase this stuff should be interesting.  The first thing I’m going to look into are these McDonalds Signature Wraps.  I keep seeing them popping up on my consultations food trackers as if they are a good thing….watch for my video blog as I venture in there to pick one up and see what the real facts are and whether this is a nutritious choice?

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