Common Questions:

Q: What is the difference between One-to-One WOW! and the 10 Weeks to WOW! Group Weight-Loss program?

A: The only difference between the two programs is that One-to-One WOW! is private weekly sessions with your WOW! practitioner, scheduled at a time that is most convenient for you. The 10 Weeks to WOW! Group Weight-Loss program is offered at a specific weekly time for 10 consecutive weeks and facilitated in a group setting.

Q: What happens if I miss a weekly session?

A: The One-to-One WOW! program allows for four missed sessions in case you go on vacation or are sick. Should you miss a 10 Weeks to WOW! weekly session, you are entitled to attend that session the next time the group runs. Special arrangements may be made with your WOW! practitioner.

Q: Do I have to exercise?

A: Yes, but at a level that is comfortable for you. Your weekly exercise commitment will be discussed during your body transformation analysis with your WOW! practitioner.

Q: Do I have to eat specific foods?

A: No. You only eat the foods you like.

Q: Are supplements required?

A: There are three standard supplements we educate you on (omega 3, probiotics and vitamin D), but they are not mandatory to take in order to achieve success.

Q: Do I need to write down everything I eat?

A: Yes. Research shows that those people who track their food choices daily achieve 86% greater success then those who don’t

Q: What if after 2 weeks I don’t like the program?

A: We offer a satisfaction guarantee. We are confident that if you follow your WOW! plan , you will achieve your goals, BUT we want you to feel comfortable making this commitment to improve your health. To be eligible for our guarantee, we require you to complete 5 consecutive weeks on the WOW! plan, attend your weekly weigh-ins and submit completed food trackers to your WOW! practitioner on a weekly basis. If after 5 weeks are you not satisfied, your WOW! practitioner will happily refund you the remaining balance.

Q: Is the WOW! program covered under my extended health benefits?

A: Yes. If your extended benefits provide coverage for registered dietitian, then the WOW! program should be covered.

Q: What if there isn’t a WOW! practitioner in my area?

A: No problem. Technology is a beautiful thing. We will do our best to locate a WOW! practitioner for you, but alternatively we can use Skype or a webinar.