Nutrition And Weight Loss Comparison

10 Weeks To Wow! Nutrition and Weight Loss Programs are unique and achieve long-lasting weight loss and health results. See what 10 Weeks To Wow! offers that traditional one-size-fits-all retail diets do not.

10 Weeks To Wow! Other Diets
10 Weeks To Wow! programs are facilitated by credentialed nutrition professionals who are 10 Weeks To Wow! Licensed Food Coaches No credentials required. No experience necessary.
All-encompassing approach that focuses on health improvements and not just food. No mention of exercise, sleep, stress, lifestyle habits and emotional eating
A personalized nutrition plan that is based on your body composition which includes your height, weight, age and body fat %. Caloric intake is based on weight in pounds, without focusing on the lean mass to fat mass ratio.
A sensible eating plan based on food categories and portion sizes that promote eating the foods you enjoy that are good for you. Take out whole groups of food (carbohydrates) to achieve quick and unstable weight loss.
A client-centered approach that has been proven to successfully reduce risk factors for obesity-related diseases Success is based on supplements and extreme measures. Success is not long lasting and is detrimental to your health.
Easy-to-understand nutrition and lifestyle education through private or group coaching that targets change, one step at a time No private coaching or ongoing support. Education is provided through websites or newsletters.

10 Weeks To Wow! Nutrition and Weight Loss Programs are designed for everyone at any age or level of health. 10 Weeks To Wow! Nutrition and Weight Loss Programs are safe and effective for both adults and children, including those affected by the following conditions:

  • High BMI
  • High waist to hip ratio
  • Insulin and non-insulin dependent diabetics
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Metabolic Syndrome
  • Estrogen-dominant conditions, including PCOS, PMS, and ovarian cysts
  • Pre-menopausal, menopausal and post-menopausal women
  • Breast-feeding and post-natal women
  • Thyroid or other hormonal issues
  • Severe food allergies or sensitivities (wheat, dairy and gluten-free diets)

10 Weeks Tow Wow! Nutrition and Weight Loss Program starts with your Body Transformation Analysis, which includes:


10 Weeks To Wow! offers various programs and speaking engagements:

  • Individual One-to-One Sessions
  • Group Sessions (5 or more)
  • Corporate Settings
  • Lunch and Learns
  • Public Speaking on various health topics

Both programs provide:

  1. Personalized Nutrition Or Weight Loss or Weight Gain Plan
  2. Pocket Food List
  3. Lifestyle Change Guidebook
  4. 9 Weekly Education Sessions
  5. Measurements, Including Before and After Photo’s (if agreed to)

Both programs offer weekly:

  1. Body Composition Analysis And Weigh-in weekly
  2. Food Tracker Review
  3. Nutrition Education
  4. Exercise Tips
  5. Nutrition and lifestyle change handouts
  6. 10 Weeks To Wow!-Approved Recipes
  7. 10 Weeks To Wow! Food and Grocery Suggestions
  8. Ongoing Text, Email and Phone Support And Motivation