When I joined Womens Fitness I was at a cross roads with my diet. I needed to lose 25 pounds. I weighed 165 pounds. I had been trying for 3 years to diet and exercise on my own to lose body fat and get into shape after child bearing. On my own, the battle had become hopeless.

Terri helped me fine tune my diet so that I was not starving myself and I was able to lose weight. My eating habits were terrible until I joined 10 Weeks to Wow and the benefit for me was increased energy and I no longer got headaches at the end of each day due to starvation (my previous poor eating habits).

I lost over 10 pounds during the ’10 Weeks to Wow’ Program. I have continued with the same diet because it is the best new lifestyle choice for me and my eating habits. I have continued to lose more fat and now I am in the normal range for my weight and percentage of body fat. I now weigh 145 pounds.

Terri convinced me to get some personal training because I was not focusing enough on the core where most of my fat was. I moved from a cardio work out which was great for my heart and legs and then with the help of personal training (Kat), I added weight training and core exercises. I finally toned the flab that was sitting on my stomach. Overall my experience with Women’s Fitness, 10 Weeks to Wow (Terri) and also personal training have been great. I met my personal goals and now continue to exercise and eat properly.

Sandra S

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