42 Day Done-4-You Meal Plan

42 Day Done-4-You Meal Plan - Signature Program

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You will start transforming your relationship with food, love every bite you eat, and enjoy your life to the fullest by looking good and feeling great. You will learn all my strategies and tips on how to lose belly fat without obsessing about your every bite, and without having to count calories.
Besides a lot of great information and action steps, you will also get some tips to help you deal with mindset issues, which may have been holding you back from reaching your goals or sustaining success.

You will be provided with handouts and recipes that are relevant to the topics that we discuss. These are designed to give you the tools so that you can implement what you learn and take action right away.

You can do this program at your own pace! But your WOW! team is always just a call away for questions. 1-855-WOW-8124

What you receive:

  1. Food and Cravings Guideline
  2. 42 Day Meal Plans for Women and Men
  3. Goal and Intention Setting
  4. Reasons to Exercise
  5. Tips for Creating Meals in Under 10 Minutes
  6. Instant Flat Belly Strategies
  7. Healthy & Delicious Recipes
  8. Five Habits Cheat Sheet
  9. Tips for Reducing Toxic Load
  10. Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner 101