I always thought that if I wanted to lose weight I would have to give up tasty food. I had tried every kind of weight loss program after having my two babies and I truly believed that if I ate as little as possible it would be helpful for me to achieve my goal – I was wrong!

When I first had my free consultation with Terri she told me I was “eating too little” and that was causing my body to store fat.

I was skeptical but desperate so I decided to try the 10 Weeks To Wow! Weight Loss program. I was now eating foods from all the food groups including complex carbs! I’m now down over 20 pounds and I eat food that I really enjoy while keeping my weight in check. This program WORKS, it’s easy, effective and very healthy. Thanks to Terri and her 10 Weeks To Wow! Weight Loss program for helping me get the weight off for good!

Laura B

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