Now that it is finally starting to get nice outside try to take your workout outdoors. This is a great way to change up your routine, get started and even involve the whole family.

All you need is 20 minutes and any park close to your house.

What to do? – Complete the exercises one after another without rest in between exercises. Once you have completed all exercises take a 2 minute rest and then complete the exercises again.

1. Split squat– place one foot behind you on a park bench and have
your other foot 2-3 feet in front. Without rounding your back bend at
your knees and lower yourself towards the ground.

2. Jumping pull up– stand under the monkey bars with your a overhand grip shoulder width apart jump up to grab the bar and pull yourself up as high as you can.

3. Swing Jackknife– get into push up position with your feet resting on
the swing. Start with your legs straight and then bring your feet toward
your chest and then straighten out.

4. Inverted row– find a railing or bar about waist height. Lay underneath
with overhand shoulder width grip. Place your feet on the ground and
bend at your elbows to pull your chest up to the bar.

5. Mountain climber– lie face down on the ground with your body in
push up position. Keep your core tight and bring your right knee
towards your right elbow and keep alternating legs.

6. Step ups– use a curb for a beginner and park bench for more.

7. Push-ups – place your hands under your shoulder and hands
shoulder width apart. Keep your core tight and lower yourself as
low as possible and push yourself back up. Want a change try to
elevate your hands or more difficult elevate your feet.

8. Hip extension/hamstring curl– lay on your back with legs
extended and feet up on a swing. Use your glutes to raise your
hips off the ground. Bend your knees to curl your feet towards your

Do as many repetitions as possible per exercise for 1 min. Have
some exercise fun in the sun. This is a great way to challenge
yourself and step away from your usual routine.

Carrie Ash, CanFit Pro, Human Kinetics & Mental Health

As a functional trainer, she believes strongly in maximizing your time and ensuring that multiple muscle groups are engaged for the most effective workout. Her objective is to  motivate men and women to reach their goals; to instill in everyone that you can do it! She is  continuously researching to determine the most current and effective ways to succeed.

She is offering Small group training…you get a small group together of 3-6 people co-workers, friends, family and I do the rest. All equipment will be provided and can be done in any setting. It’s the perfect time of year to get outside and challenge your body in a new way with your friends and family.

Carrie can be reached at 647-928-9925. Small group spots available immediately.



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