Chronic Stress – Am I At Risk?

STRESS. You can’t avoid it these days – it literally surrounds us in everyday life and virtually no one is immune to it. However, a little bit of stress is actually a good thing! It keeps us – and our neurological systems on its toes, for lack of a better term.    But, while short-lived stress is generally harmless, and sometimes even helpful (hello there, motivating adrenaline rush!), it’s when it persists and becomes chronic that it can really start to create havoc in our lives – and in our health.   Chronic stress can cause a range of concerning symptoms and not…

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Welcome to Wow!

Welcome to the 10 Weeks To Wow! Weight Loss Experts blog which will be written by myself the CEO of 10 Weeks To Wow! Weight Loss Experts and the certified Wow! experts that run this amazing guaranteed program in their own private practice as well in various places around the GTA.    The 10 Week program can be done in person, over the phone or with the great technology that is available to us:  Skype! This Blog will be a mix of written material and video blogging so sit back, get ready and continue to check back frequently to find out…

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