Exercising with Chronic Pain

 In the past, medical professionals recommended rest and inactivity as part of the treatment for chronic pain. But, newer research suggests that MORE movement may be just what the doctor ordered. Today we’re sharing the do’s (and don’ts!) of exercising with chronic pain AND a delicious anti-inflammatory recipe you can make for dinner tonight!  Getting to the gym for a workout can sometimes be a battle in itself. Let’s face it… a daily workout can be a challenge, for so many reasons, but sometimes it can even be a little painful – or a lot painful!   So, what do you do…

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Can I Still Lose Weight If I Don’t Want To Give Up Wine/Alcohol?

It’s no lie that alcohol and weight loss goals generally don’t mix, and if we’re being honest, there really are many reasons to reduce or even give up alcohol from our diets and social habits.  On the other hand, having a glass of wine, or whatever your drink of choice may be, is also a cherished pastime, a conduit for connecting with friends and is infused into most of our social gatherings.  How alcohol influences metabolism  But, word on the street is that alcohol messes with your metabolism – big time! There’s a reason why they call it a “beer belly”….

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Is The 80/20 Rule For Nutrition & Exercise A Myth?

You may have heard that abs are made in the kitchen…  Or you may have eaten an extra piece of dessert because you exercised that day, so you feel like you “earned” it dammit!  In order to see results at the gym, lose weight or even maintain overall health, we’re told that it’s an 80/20 balance. Meaning 80% of your results comes from the food you eat and only 20% of your results come from your workouts.  But is this actually true? …that food is THAT much more important than exercise when it comes to our health and our results…

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It’s Not About Your Weight, It’s About Your Health

Weight is a very complicated issue in our society. On the one hand, we have a very influential media that puts forth a very, shall we say, “narrow” standard of beauty, one that screams “thin is in.” In fact, this standard is often taken to dangerous extremes, as we see in countless heartbreaking cases of young women caught in the grip of anorexia and bulimia, and in particular with girls who begin to obsess with their body image at earlier and earlier ages every year. On the other hand, we cannot deny an obesity crisis in Canada. We are fatter…

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Welcome to Wow!

Welcome to the 10 Weeks To Wow! Weight Loss Experts blog which will be written by myself the CEO of 10 Weeks To Wow! Weight Loss Experts and the certified Wow! experts that run this amazing guaranteed program in their own private practice as well in various places around the GTA.    The 10 Week program can be done in person, over the phone or with the great technology that is available to us:  Skype! This Blog will be a mix of written material and video blogging so sit back, get ready and continue to check back frequently to find out…

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