Before 10 weeks to Wow, losing weight was always my goal but never happened. I’d take all the right steps, try to eat healthy and exercise but the weight just wouldn’t come off. Terri showed me what healthy eating is really about. Portion control and moderation. 10 Weeks to Wow has helped me lose almost 50 pounds and keep it off! Terri is an excellent supporter and was always there when I needed her whether it was answering texts about nutrition right away or even attending classes with me at the gym. Although I am at my goal weight I still follow this nutrition plan because of the benefits I feel from it every day. I have more energy, I am never starving and to top it off, my IBS has been practically non-existent. Taking part in 10 Weeks To Wow has been the best decision I have made this year. I have a new body, a new outlook on nutrition, and a new friend and supporter for life through Terri.

Cassandra Carso

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