I started my journey February 18th 2010. It’s been a rocky experience, a lot of ups and downs but I’ve learned things that will help me keep the 65 pounds I’ve lost to date off for good.

There are 3 main things I’ve learned: First not to worry about what other people are doing with their time. Secondly you will slip up, don’t be hard on yourself I’ve had binges, I’ve had months with minimal or no weight loss but every day is a new day, just jump back into it and be patient.

Thirdly one of the things that have helped me the most is weight training. A lot of females are scared of weight training when in fact it helps you build muscle which in the end helps you burn more fat. You become strong and lean and never bulky!! If you’ve never used free weights you can start with the Muscle Mix class the gym offers which I did, then build from there.

Those things helped me a lot but the main component to weight loss is nutrition almost more so then exercise, which is why I went to Terri for help in losing my last 20-30 pounds I wanted gone. I’ve had consistent weight loss since being on her 10 Weeks To Wow! Nutritional Weight Loss Program.

It is an extremely simple way of counting your calories but not in the conventional way, no calculators needed and I get to eat what I like but in a more reasonable portion. I was hesitant at first because I’d always thought I had my bases covered but I wish I had been in Terri’s office from day one. I recommend it for anyone looking to be fit and healthy!

Camielle Brown

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