I joined the Womens Fitness Club in Pickering in mid January 2011. I am not sure what my goal was at that time but I knew I wanted to feel better and to do that I needed to lose weight. After starting my exercise regime, it was suggested that I set up a meeting with Terri Patterson, the club nutritionist. I was skeptical as I tried all kinds of diets and nothing seemed to work. I had reached the conclusion that at my age, I was not going to lose any weight.

I can’t believe what I have achieved with Terri’s 10 Weeks To Wow! program and most of all her guidance and support. I am 69 years old, I have not felt better in years and I have lost (and kept off) 24lbs. I learned how to eat better and my diabetic husband has also benefited greatly from this. Working out on a regular basis is now much more rewarding. I am eternally grateful to Terri for guiding me through this turning point in my life.

Ann Stutsbury

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