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Amber Leigh

I have always battled with my weight. I was always the “big girl” in the group. I have tried many things. Things I am not proud of like starving myself, living off of only crackers and water and taking diet pills. None of those things worked, in fact they did the polar opposite. I also was working out at the gym all the time. I would go 4 times a week thinking that this is the routine I needed to get myself to where I wanted to be. It wasn’t working. I was getting frustrated and began to feel even…

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My name is Shari Coulter, I am the Personal Trainer at the Womens Fitness Club of Canada. I too have struggled with my weight until Terri Patterson, Nutritionist decided to fix my diet once and for all. I started the 10 Weeks To Wow! Weight Loss Program and took my weight from 184 pounds to 160 pounds. My Body Fat % went from 34% to 23% but I maintain it at 25%. I learned to feed my body all day long with low calorie nutrient dense food. This program changed my life and it will change yours too!

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The 10 Weeks To Wow! Nutritional Weight Loss Program has helped to teach me how to eat properly. Living on your own and having to cook for one makes it an easy excuse to skip meals and not snack properly. Terri has become my friend not only my nutritionist and I always feel that anything is possible after a visit with her. I have more energy and my clothes fit differently – this works! Carol McMackin

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