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Corn…Shaping Up To Be The New Gluten?

Like gluten, corn – and its many derivatives are in everything. No joke – EVERYTHING.   From packaged foods to dairy products and chewing gum. It’s even in so many of your favourite household, health and beauty products — nooo, not my toothpaste, aspirin, perfume, shampoo, and makeup?!    Ever get a hint of popcorn when you lick an envelope to seal it? Yep, corn’s in the adhesive strip too. (told you it was in literally EVERYTHING!)   Just take a look at the ingredient list of most packaged or processed foods, and you’ll surely recognize a few sources of it: cornstarch, corn oil, and the often-vilified –…

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Essential Oils 101: All the Basics You Need to Know!

The power of essential oils (EO’s) is real – have YOU made them part of your everyday life yet?   We’re going to lay out all of the basics so you can get on this one bandwagon that’s here for the long haul. And when you learn about the history of EO’s, you’ll know that they’re not even new. In fact, EO’s have been around for centuries!   Some essential oils come from seeds while many others are extracted from the leaves of the plant. Because EO’s are so highly concentrated, it takes a tremendous amount of plant to produce just one…

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